What makes our pretzels European? They are subtly sweeter and fluffier! As they’re baked and the outer shell begins to crisp, it separates at the twists and the rich, white inside puffs out ever so slightly. They’re fun to eat because every section pulls away neatly at the twists. Plain, with a bit of salt, or coated with cinnamon, these pretzels make for a good breakfast, snack, or dessert.


Create pizza by the slice without making the whole pie. Pretzel dough is flattened into a home-made oval shape and topped with tomato sauce, cheese and your favorite extras. Heidi’s features Swiss cheese, of course, but you can be as unique or traditional as you desire. The only limit to the toppings on a pizzetta is your imagination.

Shown here are pizzetta bases topped
with pepperoni, broccoli, bacon,
and all-cheese.

Pretzel Dogs

What’s better than a pretzel or a hot dog? A pretzel and a hot dog together! An all-beef frank is wrapped in pretzel dough. One end is covered so the dog doesn’t get away from you. Just pop them in an oven and in a few minutes you have a tasty, convenient snack.

Pretzel Buns

The dark crisp outer shell separates at the twists to display the white “meaty” center. This attractive design also provides a texture difference throughout the bun that jazzes up any meal. A lunch-eaters delight.


Some of our customers have described our pretzel sticks as a “mini-baguette”. Thicker and more substantial than a regular pretzel, this product has lots of soft bread in the middle and a slightly crunchy outside. In a bread basket or as a sandwich bread, our sticks are unique and outstanding.


Nothing smells better than a waffle cooking on a hot iron. Our waffles are moist and sweet so they don’t need syrup or cream… a perfect on-the-go snack. For those who enjoy waffles as the base of a luxurious treat the thick rich waffle is perfect dressed up with ice cream, whipped cream, cinnamon, or fresh fruit… the compliment to a true gourmet dessert. Original (plain), blueberry, and chocolate chip varieties are available.

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